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There are many studies on the healing benefits of hydrogen water. This guide provides insight into these benefits. Here is a run down some of the major health benefits that Hydrogen rich water provides –

Protects your Brain
Hydrogen rich water consumption protects you against the neurological damage that is caused due to any such brain injury.

Improves Fat and Glucose Metabolism
Hydrogen rich water improves the glucose metabolism and fat in people suffering from type 2 diabetes as well. Furthermore it effects are also found on cholesterol, fatty liver and obesity.
Prevents bone loss and Osteopenia. Hydrogen enriched water helps in maintaining the PH in your blood without much of a use of magnesium and calcium stores in the bones and muscles. It thus helps in retaining the minerals and proteins inside the bone tissue, ultimately preventing bone loss and Osteopenia.

Works well against Inflammation
A research experiment conducted on mice revealed that drinking hydrogen rich water relieved the mice suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Another other study also proved that it could relieve lung inflammation, liver disease and specifically help asthmatic condition.

Eases Cancer Treatment Radiations side effects
Radiation therapy on a study on cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy showed that patients drinking two quarts of hydrogen rich water every day over six weeks showed lower blood levels of oxidative markers and thus better quality of life compared to tap water drinkers undergoing therapy.

Drinking hydrogen water is an amazing method to use if you want to stay hydrated. It seems that we are always being told to drink more water.

Relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that leads to pain and swelling, mainly in the joints. Hydrogen water benefits those suffering from this autoimmune disease. The use of hydrogen-rich water as compared to plain water greatly reduced the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Improves Lipid and Glucose Metabolism for Type 2 Diabetes
The use of hydrogen-rich water can fight symptoms of type 2 diabetes by improving the metabolism of fats and sugars. Along with a good diet and exercise, drinking hydrogen water benefits those struggling with type 2 diabetes.

Decreased Symptoms of Depression
Along with physical illness, hydrogen water benefits the mind. 

Improves Mood
Hydrogen water can lead to the development and growth of brain cells. The use of hydrogen-rich water greatly decreased depressive behavior and periods of stress.

Muscles Relaxation
Are you an athlete? If so, swap out your regular water for hydrogen-rich water. This type of water works wonders when it comes to decreasing the effects of things like exercise-induced muscle fatigue and experience less muscle pain.

Cancer Prevention
Hydrogen-rich water can prevent the growth of cancer cells in the tongue also stops blood vessel growth in lung cancer cells.

Improved Quality of Life in Cancer Patients
Hydrogen-rich water greatly improves the quality of life of cancer patients. Hydrogen-rich water can improve the quality of life during radiation treatments. Hydrogen water does this by decreasing effects caused by oxidative stress without ruining the therapeutic benefits of radiation treatments.

Decreases the Appearance of Wrinkles
Hydrogen-rich water can help you attain gorgeous skin naturally. Bathing in hydrogen water decreased the appearance of wrinkles. The use of hydrogen-rich water decreases the effect of damage caused by UV rays.

Wound Healing
A study involving elderly patients with bed sores found that drinking hydrogen water reduces wound size and increases recovery.

Treatment of Eczema
Drinking hydrogen water decreases these symptoms.

Improves Kidney Function
Research shows that drinking hydrogen water can protect the kidneys by reducing oxidative stress. Hydrogen water can help people dealing with kidney disease.

Prevents Hearing Loss
Keep things crystal clear with hydrogen water. Drinking hydrogen water protects your hearing and can prevent hearing loss.

Improves Oral Health
Staying hydrated is important when it comes to oral health. This is one reason hydrogen water benefits teeth and gums. The antibacterial effects of hydrogen prevent gum disease.

Are There Any Side Effects to Drinking Hydrogen Water?
There are no known side effects of drinking hydrogen water. Should You Drink It? Hydrogen water is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, meaning that it’s approved for human consumption and not known to cause harm.

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