Uses latest PEM/SPE Technology. Much safer than standard Electrolysis


Take just the base and adaptor. Connect it to any normal bottle.


The AlkaWay Hydrogen Pod has an internal lithium ion rechargeable battery. Can also be plugged in or powered via an external USB power supply.


Because we've been here since 2000. Because we are the leaders in H2 technology in Australia. Because we plan to be here for the foreseeable future. That's why you can rest easy that we support you.

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is essentially a synonym of what we all commonly understand to be water here on planet earth in 2019: Dihydrogen monoxide, the combined product of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, often abbreviated as H2O and found in nature.

So, are there any real benefits of drinking hydrogen water?
The theory is that in adding hydrogen, the antioxidant content of your water is increased, which can help to decrease oxidative stress on your blood vessels (which, when left unmitigated, can lead to chronic inflammation and chronic disease over time).

Turn Tap water into Hydrogen Infused Water

Make the most of your water intake

  • Increased Energy
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Boost Immunity
  • Reduce Stress


Hydrogen may help eliminate free radicals from your body, helping to protect cellular damage and therefore, decreasing disease risk.

The higher pH of alkaline water also claims to be beneficial for a slew of reasons, but most of these are redundant if you have functioning kidneys – these organs are also responsible for neutralizing the pH of your blood, so there’s not much need to worry much about it if you’re a generally healthy adult.

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